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How To Start Hiring

Find the talent you need today!

Hiring is as simple as placing an ad and waiting for proposals to come in.  Or you can be pro-active and search our list of Interns and experienced Consultants and invite them to apply.  In either case, you will find Safe-Source Marketplace to be fast, easy, and convenient

  • Is it hard or time consuming to place a job post?

    Our quick sign up form allows you to quickly start your account and go directly to posting your job(s).

  • Is it expensive?

    Choose from three affordable packages to promote your job(s) and profile to Job seekers who are actively looking for work.

  • Do I need to create a profile for my company?

    Although you do not need to make a profile to place a job post in Safe-Source Marketplace, your profile allows job seekers to research, which tends to bring a higher level of interest and quality of candidate.

  • What is the difference between Consultants and Interns?

    We have two classes of Job seekers... Experienced Consultants and Interns whose goal is to gain experience with businesses that do not mind less experienced help that requires more supervision.

    A trained Consultant charges significantly more, however they are experienced and not learning on-the-job.


Getting Started as a Consultant

Choose a package and apply to as many jobs as you would like.  As a Consultant, you have the ability to post your job skills, work experience, job history and all things necessary to promote you to the employers looking to hire.

  • What is difference between a Consultant and an Intern?

    A Consultant has skills, experience and certifications whereas an Intern is starting a career and needing to develop skills and experience. 

  • Can an Intern apply for jobs listed for Consultants?

    There is nothing in the system preventing an Intern from applying for jobs promoted for experienced Consultants, BUT, due to the fact the business is looking for experience, it is recommended that you don't waste your time or the employers.