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Start your profile by telling us about the work you do

Before you can start applying for job posts on Safe-Source, you need to complete at least 60% of your profile. Of course, we recommend completing 100% of your profile! But you don’t need to do it all today. In fact, you’ll probably refine it on a regular basis.

How to find and edit your Profile

  1. When you are logged in, you can click on your name at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select “Settings” -then
  3. Select “Edit my profile”

Fields to Fill Out

Display Name – This is how your name is seen by employers

Select a Minimum Hourly Rate – You can adjust your overall rate at any time. You can customize your rate every time you submit a proposal

Select a Maximum Hourly Rate – choose the top rate you wish to charge.

Your title – Keep your title short. On mobile search results, your title will trail off after 35 characters or so.

Your Brief detail overview – Make your first sentence count. Your whole bio can be a critical tool to convert new clients, but the very beginning will be the most visible.

Type of Freelancer – Choose between Intern or Consultant. A Consultant makes significantly more, but bring experience and skills to justify the additional wages.

Profile photo – Businesses want to work with professionals they can trust with critical work. Does your profile photo inspire confidence?

Add Your Contact Information

Your address and the State you live in is critical for finding job listings closest to you.

And if you’re traveling or are otherwise not currently at home, enter the address you use for tax purposes.

Add Appropriate Skills

Highlight as many skills from our list. As you start to type in a skill, Safe-Source will offer suggestions from a standardized list. These skills will show up on your profile and help prospects understand whether you have the skillset their project needs.

Highlight your educational background

This section summarizes your formal education. If you choose to add entries here, all the details are optional except the institution.

Highlight your work experience

Your past work experience can help build credibility with a potential client—particularly when you’re new to Safe-Source. It can emphasize not just your level of expertise but industries or subjects areas you may already be familiar with.

Include professional certifications

Your professional certifications build credibility as well as providing a standard level of knowledge an employer can count on.

Highlight your Industrial experience

Prior industrial experience can be listed here