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How to Use Our Site

For any recruiter or employer seeking to find prospective new Safety Consultants, SafeSourcemarketplace.com is the perfect one-stop hiring solution.  As the flagship of the SafeSource Marketplace network, SafeSourcemarketplace.com is able to ensure that your job reaches hungry Safety Consultants 24 hours a day, seven days per year.

Simply create a Company Profile and begin posting jobs.  You can also browse through our database of Interns seeking hands-on experience as they pursue a career as a Safety Consultant.

Job Postings

SafeSourcemarketplace.com offers 90 days of FREE job postings.  For those with further posting requirements we offer a number of affordable plans to save you money on your job advertisements with SafeSourcemarketplace.com.

Marketplace Database

If you have a particularly hard-to-fill job, you may wish to search our database of Safety Consultants Interns.  The database contains hungry candidates ready to work.

Featured Client

To maximize your exposure with  SafeSourcemarketplace.com you may become one of our featured clients.  This will give your company additional exposure on our home page and also within our online directory.  For information about this product, please contact us.


SafeSourcemarketplace.com offers a number of attractive banner advertising slots on its site.  For further details, and for pricing on this product, please contact us.